7.92x57mm Identification


I am going to be posting a few (dozen) 7.92x57mm unknowns (at least to me) over the next several weeks. Any identifying information or history you have to pass on would be most welcome. Sorry, but this is one of the after affects of SLICS.

1.) It was a poor strike on the headstamp and the date at 6 o’clock appears to be 1949.

2.) Thought I had seen this headstamp somewhere before but can’t find it.

Thanks to all for your responses.


  1. Spanish
  2. Yugoslav


What I do is to get the calibre and then go to the photo gallery of MUNICION.ORG. Choose ammo type (fuego central=centre fire), once you locate desired calibre (7.92 Mauser), scroll through photos (hint to IAA brass) and find you headstamp. If I don’t see my headstamp, I send it to Jordi, the webmaster, for addition to the existing collection. By the way, here is a thought, is that possible for IAA to “rent” an English version of municion.org and “build” it into IAA web page? I know enough Spanish to feel comfortable there but some people may be turned off by inability to understand captions.


Vlad–You can tranlate the entire site into English with Babelfish. Go to any foreign language site to get the URL. Then go to world.altavista.com/ and insert the URL. Be sure if the site’s URL starts with http:// that you leave it off when you paste the URL in.

    • Fabrica Nacional de Palencia, Spain
    • Prvi Partisan Uzice-Titovo, Yugoslavia