7.92x57mm SmK Lsp Tracer base colour


I’ve a few queries on these tracers and I was wondering if anyone could help. I saw on one of the Italian web sites that the base of the 7.92x57mm tracer projectiles can have two colours, red and yellow. First question, do these colours relate to the trace colour? Second I have a blue/purple base, is this known, or maybe could it be a Polish, Czech variant. The ‘blue’ projectile weighs 10.32g, length 37mm, and has quite a flat or squared off base as can be seen above. Some of my ‘yellow’ based tracers have a 14mm black tip, would this indicate a different colour of trace?


As someone who has pulled literally thousands of German Smk-l ammo apart from matched boxes where tracer color is known, I can tell you there is a correlation, at least with German pre-war & WW2 7’9 tracer bullets and the seal color. Early tracers with no seal, are not identifiable, though the early ones are generally Green-Red with a small portion being gelb (yellow). A blue or green foil seal indicates a Green/Red tracer element. A Yellow seal (PVC) is for gelb, and red or Orange seal is for an orange tracer. The 10 mm tip indicates a bright tracer, not the trace color. Some other sealants were also used and were much thicker, almost like a putty. I have also seen clear or gray PVC seals on late war 7’9. JH


Thank you that has been very helpful, thank you