7.92x57mm Steel Core Czech


7.92x57mm steel core, steel jacket, Berdan primed, headstamp 10/49/diamond/*, Sellier Bellot, Cezch
Please take notice inside of the case with stains from the powder.
Thanks EoD for helping me with this.


This is a Czech 7.92x57 made by Sellier&Belot and the “10” is the lot number from 1949.

Bulgarian 7.92 mm have triangles in the head stamp and copper plated steel cases and dates from the 1960’s.


I hope you dont mind me asking but do you do all the cutaways you have photo’s of as I thing they are fantastic.



It is “7,92mm naboj vz. 47” (7,92mm cartridge model 47) what is czechoslovak version of german WWII “S.m.E” cartridge.




Thanks Richard, sometimes it takes longer to photograph than cut. Yes, I do all the cuttings except for one - the .223 flechette is bought precut. Can’t find any others for sale, so make my own. Curiosity killed the cat.
Good info on the “S.m.E.” version jasve, with model number too! This helps so much, thanks. Was given couple of rounds by friend, had no clue what it was.