7.92x57mm tracer question

I have seen wartime SMK/L’spur bullets with either a plastic or foil sealer over the tracer element. Are these delayed ignition, or do they trace right from the muzzle?

Thanks for any help.

The only known delayed ignition WW2 7.9 ammo is the SmK L-Spur 100/600 made for the Luftwaffe. It burned from about 100 to about 600 meters to avoid blinding the gunner on the plane. To find out what You have You have to have the box. The 100/600 cartridge is not marked in any special way. I have seen both types of tracer element seals on ordinary SmK-L’spur.

bzubel, the “plastic” should be a combustible celluloid disc. It serves as a protection for the tracer composition which is chemically somewhat prone humidity and deterioration.

Do not have the answer but maybe this will help. The last five are the AP/T, with different color discs, red and yellow. The last one has an aluminum protector. Different color tracers, none are ranging.

A few weeks ago I have seen this cut from a tracer in a collection from a friend.
At the end of the tracer element is a kind of disk imbedded…
It is made of a material what did not burn. It seems to me that they want to short the length of the burning time from the tracer element.

It was the first time I have notice this.


Similar fillers are also found in some marks of British .303 Tracer. This was also done to shorten the range of the trace burn.