7.92×57mm unknown headstamp

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SU. is G.C. Dornheim of Suhl, Germany.

Great information!Thank you very much

Nice headstamp, I’ve never seen it before.

What’s the “B. F.” stand for? Great headstamp, never saw it or heard of it even, in some 20 years of SERIOUS 7.9 x 57 collection (12,600 specimens when I gave it up and sold off the collection).

Bob, I am sorry, but I don’t think so.

There is absolutely no proof Dornheim exported 7,9 Mauser to China in 1924.
SU could also be Spandau. lol. But I am always open to a different view.

These day’s the Germans had a huge problem to get enough 7,9 cartridges for themselves.
They were imported from Austria (head stamp Pi) and Sweden (head stamp P s) secretly, The reason was hat the allied control commission was running around in Germany.

I don’t believe any of them gave permission to export these rounds.


In Norwegian, B.F. is used to indicate a “best before” date :-D


…and Bakelittfabrikken! :-D

Very true!
Maybe the 03-BF-93 headstamp really is an expiry date.


It is definitely a discreet or Clandestined marking, I believe…made in my opinion in Germany or Austria. But by whom I am not sure, I have only seen one other and it had exactly the same markings.


Do you know where the fired casing was found?



Magnum’s Location is China.

Yes, I noticed. Just hoping he would elaborate a bit.

My earlier post was based on this headstamp and caliber that is attributed to G.C. Dornheim of Suhl, Germany

Bob, you have a point !

found this picture to that round on the internet