7.92x57R Ball M87 possibly?


I have what I believe to be a 7.92x57R Ball M87 possibly but not sure??

Case length: 2.240
Head diameter: 0.590
Base diameter: 0.468
Bullet with paper patch diameter: 0.317
Overall length: 3.245



Joe, this is a sporting round designated 8 x 57 R M/88A.



Thank you very much, finally someone after 112 views! Now I can label it and put it in the drawer.



So was this the DWM firm in Karlsruhe Germany that manufactured this round?


Hi Joe, this cartridge was first made by Patronenfabrik Karlsruhe (short for Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik Karlsruhe) and then by DWM. Its case number is 366B and was assigned c. 1891-92, and it was last listed in 1938 with an additional note saying “if in stock”. Regards, Fede.

It was discussed before in these earlier threads:



Thanks again for the research and for the earlier thread links. Very interesting.