7.92x61mm Norwegian Machinegun

Hi guys,

I have in my collection the 7.92x61mm cartridges shown in the photos below. My question is whether the wood bulleted blank on the left is a real round or a fake

Thank you

Hi Nikkal83,

Nothing definitive, but it looks the same and has the same hs as my round.


Thank you Paul!

Why do you think it could be a fake?


Quote from the above web page:


Loose cartridges for 7.92x61 mm MG heavy were manufactured with unpainted wooden projectiles similar to those produced for 7.92x57 mm MG lightweight. Old and new sleeves were used interchangeably. The boxes contained 2250 shots divided into 45 boxes of 50 shots. The boxes had dark blue labels. "

As by now I had found no information regarding the existence of a blank for this chambering. I was sure only about the ball and tracer round

Thank you! Very good information!