7.92x86 Polish

My goodies from SLICS just arrived! Now to my first “mystery” round:
Polish 7.92x86 experimental AT round, CNCS, brass case, no H/S. What is the significance of the impressed circle up near the shoulder?


I looked at that round all weekend after buying a 7.92x107… Went to go pull the trigger on it and you had snatched it up… DOH! Bought the 2.8cm Gerlich instead so felt better.

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That circular mark is indicative of that cartridge case having been fired in a copper pellet crusher pressure test gun.
I would suspect that cartridge was built on a fired cartridge case.

Jon, be aware that these cases were all found empty.

Thanks all. Still very happy to have it.

It’s all about the case with these anyway.

Paul Smith said “pressure test” when I showed it to him.

Nice find. -Ger

Rather a case that was fired in a chamber with pressure gauge vent which was plugged at the moment it was fired. Means it was only a ballistic barrel like it is not unusual with experimental calibers.

Measuring shooting was preceded by warming the barrel, firing 1-3 rounds. If there was a one-hour break, the barrel was warming up again. Useds special pistons and steel crushers.