7.92x94 "Panzerbusche" 318 for sale


Update - This is in Pete DeCoux’s current auction

I have one original condition loaded 7.92x94 with primer, powder, and projo intact. It has the red primer and case neck seal and might be the tropic variant?? The bullet reacts to a magnet as if it were steel jacket, and it should have the steel core, and tear-gas pellet as well of course. Only condition issue is a couple age spots which could probably be brushed off if desired - shown in pic below.


Matt, I’m hesitant to ask, (beer budget with champagne tastes and all of that), but how much do you want for the rounds you’ve posted. Thanks, Bruce.


I can’t remember exactly what suggested value was put on them for Pete’s next auction, but I think all 3 of the rds were listed at around $100. Of course anything can happen in auctions.