7.9mm Anti-Tank? ID Needed


I have had this round for some years and have never been able to ID it. I had a post on the old forum and no responses so maybe plonks will help? Any help/ideas are truly appreciated.

Bullet Dia. 0.320
Neck Dia. 0.367
Shoulder Dia. 0.535
Base Dia. 0.6245
Rim Dia. 0.6205
Case Length 3.389
OAL 4.3155


It is an early Polish experimental anti-tank rifle round.


Thank you Paul!


Hello Paul,
Thanks for the information.
What book or publication did you use.
I have not seen it before.




A small quantity of this scarce cartriges did show up in Germany and Holland in the late 80ies.

The cases are absolutely good, but the bullets are mostly faked, and it seems that no complete and loaded round was ever found.




@clarkbr, the information is from Paul Smiths very own book “Variations of Military Experimental Calibres”. From what I have seen it is a fantastic reference and comes highly recommended. I am seriously considering adding a copy to my on reference library. More info can be found here:


@philippe regenstreif, Thank you very much for the additional information in regards to the bullet. This cartridge came out of England some years back, so of course had no powder charge. This is good information to have.


FWIW, I would add my endorsement to Sht_LE’s on Paul’s book. If anyone is interested in the more exotic military loadings, this is a “MUST HAVE.” The page he posted is representative of the material offered which fills several loose-leaf notebooks. I have a copy and consider it money VERY WELL spent.