7.9mm Dummies

Shown are four 7.9x57mm dummies. One headstamped RWS 8x57J; the
others F N 51/52/53. They all appear to indentical. My question is: did
FN manufacture the one with the RWS headstamp? If not, who made this
type of dummy first?

Phil - I have the same dates you do plus I have a “54” date in these. All of mine are FN. However, I was told that these dummies were made by H. Huck, N


Thanks for the info. Very interesting.


I just saw on the Munitionsauktion web site one of these headstamped FN 51.

Phil - that goes a long way towards explaining why they are found with more than FN headstamps, which I didn’t really know until I saw your posting, and also why they don’t appear on the Huck drawings. I was not aware that the Heym company was also producing dummy rounds in that early post-war period of German rearmament, I wonder if they may anything else in ammunition items?