7,9mm dummy ctgs from nny

Just want to show you this ctgs !!
Any info will be welcome.
It is made in Yugoslavia by nny in 1963


I have no information on this round but I have a similar one with the nny 1982 headstamp. I hadn

I have one in 7.62x25 Tokarev that is just like it, also dated 1963. My similar example in 7.62x39 is heaedstamped PP-67 7.62.

Gyro, your’s is the M61 drill cartridge. So we may look for 1961 and 1962 dates.

My 7.92 1963 hs is:

“Cal. 7.9 MM PP-63”

I do not think that the dates mean much on these cartridge, nor can tell us exactly when each one was actually made into a dummy. I have the following:

7.65 x 17mm Browning

nny-86 7.65

7.62 x 25mm Tokarev

nny 1963 One small plstic anchor point on bullet jacket
nny 1965 two tiny plastic anchor points, side-by-side, on bullet jacket

7.92 x 57mm

  • 11 * 49
  • 11 * 50
  • 11 * 52
    59 Date only at 6 O’Clock position
    nny 1963 Regular red plasitc fill
    nny 1963 Very dark plastic fill - looks black. When you hold it in front of a strong light however, it is a very, very dark red
    nny 1973
    nny 1973 Plastic anchor point on bullet smaller, ancher point on neck lower down on neck than first-listed "1973"
    nny 1980 Orange plastic fill, not red

I think these were made over a long period of time, but probably from reject cases so they were not necessarily made into dummies on the date of the headstamps. That is my belief, anyway. You can see from all those shown on this thread that they can be found with most any date and Prvi Partizan headstamp.