7.9mm DWM dummy

I am familiar with this style of dummy cartridge produced by DWM in 7mm Mauser but can anybody confirm that it was also DWM who made this cartridge in 7.92 x 57mm? And who would it have been made for?

Yes Jim

They exist.
Think they were made for export orders.

Have them with different head stamps.

Kind regards

These came out of Portugal. Even though they mimic a German style of dummy round common to the years before WWI, since all the headstamps are different and because of the bullet profile, plating, presecence of risudal primer crimps, lack of a bullet core and a lot of other things, my personal opinion is that they were not originally made as dummies and were not made into dummies in Germany, but rather in Portugal.

Further, they are found also with Portuguese headstamps. I had 14 of these in my 7.9 collection, with the following headstamps:

FCPQ 1 38
FCPQ 1 39
FCPQ 2 39
FCPQ 40 and another FCPG 2 39 (both with no knurled case cannelures, but otherwise the same as the others)
RWS E37 (knurled cannelures higher up on the case)
P S* 38 37
P S* 41 37
P S* 45 37
P S* 46 37
P S* 48 37


Hmmm, interesting. I hadn’t even considered the possibility that these might be anything other than German manufacture and neither was I aware of the Portuguese headstamps. Thanks for the information John. Dutch, what are your thoughts on the possibility that your rounds are of Portuguese origin?

Jim, I agree with John, what you have is a dummy made in Portugal from recovered German contract cases. Dummies having this construction are based in two different types made by DWM: 366N5 (coreless bullet jacket) and 366N7 (standard S ball).