7.9mm IGNACIO FIERRO headstamp


Back in the old forum before the crash someone asked Schneider “What do you know of a “IGNACIO FIERRO” proprietary hs was produced on 8x57 Mauser made by the Spanish Arsenal at Toledo c1950-1960 ?”

Does anyone know if this question was answered? I found one of these at St. Louis in a junk box and I am curious who Ignacio Fierro was/is and why the headstamp.


A bit of searching in the Spanish Google came up with the most probable connection with a Spanish Entrepreneurial family company, founded by one Ignacio Fierro, in the 1940s; They are based in Spain, with Branches in Peru, Equador, and other Latin American Countries, owning Safety Match factories and Tobacco Processing Plants, and Finance Companies( “Banks”)
In Spain, their group is also involved( 1990s etc) in Food brands and manufacturing.

Being a family with Franco Gov’t connections, Might the cartridge be some sort of Commemorative, or similar?

I will dig further into the Name etc;

The trouble is the Fierro name has other , less “nice” connections, being the name of a Colombian Rebel terrorist in the 1990s-2000, and the names of Many people in Mexico in the 1860s, etc involved in revolutions etc…I doubt the ammo is connected at all to these “I.F.” mentions.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


But in Argentina “Fierro”–in the name of the fictional gaucho hero Martin Fierro has heroic connotations. Jack