7.9mm Kurz clip informations

Hi everyone, I’m looking for some informations about 7,9mm Kurz clips:
-Did the DDR used clips for this cartridge? All the boxes I seen were 15rd bulk ammo boxes.
-Does anyone know what clips were used on ammo headstamped fva 45 (finish, if they were reused clips and markings, if they have them) ?


There have been several posts about these on this forum, Perhaps try the search ?
Though I’m sure someone will have an answer to your questions that search might help fill out your answer.

I tried, even in not strictly related posts, but unfortunately I didn’t find anything.

Well I have to admit sometimes the search function on here is lacking.

Someone will surely help you.

I don’t know the answer but this book probably has it https://www.dwjmedien.de/Sturmgewehrpatrone-792-x-33

In the 2nd edition of Dieter Kapell’s book, there is only mention of DDR cartridges on stripper clips made in 1959 and in 1961, the clips being marked with a triangle and “49”. The presence of the clips was not indicated on the boxes.
According to his list of 1945 fva lots, none was packed with stripper clips.

Triangle 49 is a Czech made clip, they made 7.9x33 for several years after WWII until forced adoption of 7.62x39.
Surplus clips would have gone to DDR for their 1959 and 61 production of 7.9x33.
DDR also produced 7.9x33 in loose 15 rd packets… i have a full 1500 rd. case.
Doc AV

I am getting undertones in this discussion, especially about the Czech stripper clips, that it is thought the ones for 7.92 x 33 are somehow different from those for 7.9 x 57 as used with German and other European country’s variations of the Model 98 Mauser. Am I wrong in saying that there were no “special clips” made for the 7.9 Kurzpatrone; that in fact, they simply used the same clips as the Model 98 bolt-action rifle, etc.???

John Moss

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JM, as far as I have seen over the years, standard 7.9 sS clips were used for 7.9 PP43.
The 49 Diamond have shown up
on surplus Czech/Middle eastern
/Israel sourced 7.9x57.

Doc AV

Thank you all for the help.


These arrived on a lot of ex-Israeli surplus 7,92x57 that I bought for range use in a k98 about 20 years ago, it wasn’t the most reliable ammunition but it was worth it for the clips.

As you can see there’s the usual 3 lug type but also one of the 2 lug variant … they both work equally well as only the outer lug engages with the receiver clip guide.

Almost all the boxed 7,9x33 ammunition that I’ve seen came packed without clips, which is odd as the magazine pouches came with the now extremely rare clip loading adaptor. When clips have been used they were usually recycled ones with different dates of production to the cartridges or box labels.


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