7.9mm Platzpatronen 52 headstamp


What would be the correct headstamp for a cartridge from this Platzpatronen 52 box? The box is empty.

If I am reading the label correctly, they should have brass cases and wooden bullets made of alder.


Phil - I believe you ARE reading the label correctly. I have a blank with wood bullet colored red in a case headstamped “DAG 54” and I have also ball rounds with “DAG 55” headstamp. It could be either of those, since the 1954-dated blank is obviously reloaded. However, since the case is only shown as “MS” (Messing, Brass), it is possible that any headstamp might be found in this box, I think. I have similar blanks of many different headstamps such as WWII German, Spanish, etc., all of which have been identified as being West German. The problem is separating them from the many different blanks that were made by Huck.

John Moss


Thanks John for the reply. It is such a nice box and label, I wanted to see if I had anything to put in it that would be correct.


I assume these are the Huck blanks in the drawing below. It is a typical Huck box label.




Phil - Actually, Lew is perfectly correct. I got hung up on the DAG primer marking. It is a Huck label and the headstamp could be anything on any 7.9 made in Europe. I have them with WWII dates, Iranian headstamps, Spanish headstamps, etc. These are all typical of Huck blanks. There are variations, though, and I cannot say for sure that the designation “52” only applies to one of them, as the variations are mostly in the way the bullet is crimped in.

John Moss


Is “Coop” short for Cooppal or for something else? Jack


Coop ===COOPPAL, a type/brand of Powder,made in Belgium; the description (German style) is a “Stabchen” Powder ( punched disc,) used for Pistols and Blanks, and the Load show in 0.9 gram (13 grains ) same as what is used today in most Rifle sized blanks in Movie use. ( and still in Military use).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Services


Doc: Thanks; that sounds good. Jack


Werner Sunkel’s excellent pamplete on Huck cartridges only shows one entry for the red wood bullet load and it is identified as the Platzpatronen 52. They made a number of other 7.92 blanks using the Norwegian Ringdal designs. Huck items of a single design varied in the details of their construction so various neck crimps are not surprising. Sunkel lists the headstamps he had encountered which include US make WWII 30-06 cases, remanufactured into 7.92x57mm for these blanks, This is only one of quite a few Huck blanks in 7.92x57mm that Huck designed and tested.




Thanks to all for the input. I quess the box will just remain empty for now.


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