7.9x57 38 headstamp

Hello all of you.
Can you help me with this cartridge?
I don’t know which country has been manufactured.
It still has red paint on the tip. You can see 38 headstamp at 06.00 .
Where was made?
Thank you very much for your attention

Has a very Spanish look to it.

Perhaps, but i think is not spanish. I have seen a lot of spanish headstamps and i haven’t seen this before. This headstamp isn’t in Molina Orea or Tratado Lanza books.
Thanks for your help.

My thoughts too Jon, Perhaps could have been made as clandestine for the civil war?

Chinese possibly?

The “38” headstamp was made in Italy, possibly for the Spanish
Civil War. It exists in Ball and Tracer. I don’t recall off hand which
of the Italian Factories made it. It is even possible that the date
of “38” is spurious. Seems to me that this headstamp was covered
recently, among others, on this forum, but I could be wrong.

john Moss

Might just be me but the headstamp looks to be 3B to me?


Perhaps Tony has the reason?