7.9X57 ammo information request

I recently acquired some ammo through an estate and am trying to identify what I have and it’s value, if any. I only know about cartridges what I have read in the past few days.

The majority of the bullets (250 or so) are 7.9 x 57 Mauser, pointed nickel full metal jacket, brass primer with black sealant, headstamp T (crescent moon with star) C | 7.9 | FS | 1943 |. Some stamped 1944. These are on strip clips and in bandoleers. There are no markings on the bandoleers.

I also have a few (13) 7.9 x 57mm Mauser, round nose nickel full metal jacket, brass primer, headstamp 1 S E 03. These are in a five round clip. I also have another (2) rounds that are about .100" shorter in overall length, with a different headstamp 19 l lll l 33 l (The letter “M” in a circle) l

Any ideas? Thanks for your time.


The batch of 250 is Turkish and is currently selling as shooting ammo for $15 to $20 per bando of 70 rounds. It is good shooting fodder.

The 13 round are German M88 cartridges made in 1903 by K