7,9x57 black plastic dummies "dnb S Ex 41" and "dnb S Ex 40"

Is there any difference between black and red rounds? Why did they stop making black ones?

scan0147 scan0148

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There was a great article about these plastic Exerzierpatronen in the IAA Journal from July 2015 (Issue no 504 pages 56 - 66) by Lew Curtis and Leon Kranen


I think the red plastic was better visible for the recruits as black.
Perhaps interesting to know.

The plastic black was made by the companies;

ay 1940-1941
dnb 1940-1941

Plastic red;

aux 1941-1942-1943
ay 1941-1942-1943
byw 1941-1842
dnb 1941-1942-1943
lpk 1943-1943

Both also exist without a head stamp.