7,9x57 black plastic dummy


Three 30x29 Grenades. German EX and two Russian.
HE Frag SD VOG-17M. VMG-M Fuze
Target Practice Smoke VUS-17 VMG-M Fuze


The EX.patr. on the left is the one I have.

John Moss


John, correct, the GDR used Soviet ammo when it came to loaded rounds.
But back in WAPA days There were no other manufacturers than the USSR. Only later some other countries started production (I assume Russia sold licences after the break up of the USSR).

There is a second GDR dummy which by now is not really confirmed or explainable as it consists of a fired case and a mock up projectile made of Pertinax with a wooden core. The thing here is that the projectile is shorter than a normal round.
This allows for suspicions about genuinity of this one.


Does the “Pertinax” name was actually used by the manufacturer? It would seem odd thay they used a trademark that belonged to a company located in West Germany. Even more odd, if we consider that they had their own trademark to designate this material (i.e., “Sprelacart”).


Fede, no idea how they called it there. One would need to ask back to VEB Dr. Erani in Spremberg.

But looking into the wording in relation to the GDR the name “Pertinax” seems to have been commonly used.