7,9x57 box verscheidene Lieferungen from 1943

Here is a box of various lots of different cartridge manufacturers. All cartridges are from 1943. What’s the meaning of “L.4” purple overstamp? Lieferung 4? How frequent was this practice of putting leftovers into 1 box?


First of all, this is a great box label. Thanks for showing.
I have never seen it before this way.

I think the stamp means 4. Lieferung from 1943.
The cartridges are not belonging to the box. They must have all a “wg” head stamp of 1943 case lot 2-6. After lot “6” they used Primer 30/40, and lot “1” had the old “St.” case instead “St+”.

Just like many manufacturers, the war was over in 1941. They did not get orders anymore.
The invasion of Russia was a big surprise for all. Now ammunition factories must start there production again. It took over a year for this plant from Hugo Schneider in Altenburg to get there machinery, materials, personnel onside to start the 7,9 production again in 1943.

I found the 4th Lieferung in my files the way it should be.