7.9x57 boxes with clips

With reference to German 7.9x57, 15 round packets there are many and varied labels on the top flap.

The letters i.L usually refer to cartridges in clips.

I would like to know if anything else stamped on the label could identify a packet as containing cartridges in clips as opposed to just loose cartridges ?

You can also identify the clips if on the box is printed;


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Fur Gewehr, I never knew that. Thanks Dutch
Nice Tropical box by the way.

Years ago I use to have a WW2 German ammo create for 7.9x57 cartridges. It still had the battle packs inside full of 15 rd boxes which themselves were all full. The create, the battle packs and the boxes all had the matching labels. All of the labels had the i.L. on them. However none of the cartridges were on strippers. They were all loose packed in the boxes. Some of these battle packs I don’t believe had ever been opened (at least it did not look like it). Any explanations? 10341034a11034a21034a30351

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The book Die Patrone 7,9mm 1930-1945 shows quite a few box labels marked In Ladestreifen as well as the more frequently seen i.L


On your 2nd photo the bottom label says:
“Am 12.8.40 von Ladestreifen abgezogen und verpackt. H.Ma. Mölln”
which means:
Removed from strippers and repacked on 12th August 1940. Heeres Munitionsanstalt Mölln.

I am not sure if I read the name “Mölln” (near Lauenburg in northern Germany) correctly, but the meaning of the label is clear. No idea why this was done, possibly corroded strippers.

Thank you very much. I have wondered about this for years. You are the first one to tell me about the repack label. (I don’t speak or read German). Again thank you.

Jochen, you have eagle eyes.
Unfortunately I did not notice it before.
But we always learn every day

I only knew the overprinted box label.

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