7,9x57 charger "H"

Would this be “Hirtenberger”? And is it 7.62x51 NATO? It came with no ammo.

Vlad - looks like a stripper clip for a German Model 98 Rifle (G98, K98a, K98k, etc.) to me, due to the three bumps on each side.

I can’t speak for non-US 7.62 x 51 clips, but ours are a single bump on each side, centered, to allow loading an M14 magazine using the rifles clip-loaded fixture, and centered so the clip can be feed in either direction.

Can’t give a definitive answer on the “H” however. I am sure someone can.

John Moss

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I have this one filed under 7,9x57 “Marked, Unknown”. There are currently 57 clips lying in that folder, all waiting for the moment someone finds a list of contractors and I can give 'em identities.

I suspect that it’s German from the First War, it definitely has that air but as with so much, I’m here to be proved wrong.


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This one came to me with five Swedish Mauserblanks. H. Two bumps. As the blanks have different headstamps, I doubt clip is original. Yes, who’s H?

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It is not uncommon at all to find Swedish Blanks, including, in my field of auto pistol, 9 mm, with many different headstamps all in the same clips. Surplus and reject cases were widely used for the manufacture of blanks there, as they are in many countries.

I have taken literally thousands of Swedish 9 mm blanks off of their 36-round stripper clips for use in the K’Pist. 45, and sometimes found, when headstamp dates are taken into consideration, as many as 20 different headstamps on one clip. Sometimes even foreign (to Sweden) headstamps are found.

I would not judge the originality of 6.5 x 55 cartridges to any clip intended for the Model 94/96/38 series of rifles and carbines simply by the headstamps on the cases alone.

John Moss

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