7,9x57 charger "Kw"?

I hope it is “Kw” and not “Kn”. Who made it? It came with 3 German rounds, 1 from WWI, two other from WWII. I’ll post them if it matters.

I don’t have one of these and I’ve no idea who made it but it’s noted by Phil Butler in his last and most comprehensive list as “Kw” … although in the comments section he wrote “monogram” (Kn ?).

From the few pictures I’ve seen it certainly looks like “Kw” to me, and I suspect it’s from one of the myriad producers drafted in to make war materiel between 1914-18 when the increase in production meant that the regular suppliers could no longer cope.

A nice find !!


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Wow!!! I’ve got one you do not possess? I’ll cherish it. How do I get hold of Phil’s list? I visited him in AZ only once. He was apologizing for having ammo boxes in crates on the floor. Gee, I wish my place looked that proper and organized.
Don’t think it helps, but the only WWI round in the charger is “DM 5 18 S67”.

I got Phil’s list. Thank you. Does the knowledge (country of origin) come from observing chargers from un-open boxes or there is some other way?