7.9x57 dots


What are the dots next to “𝖀”?


My understanding is that the dots serve as indicators of the raw material used. Every time the raw material is changed during the month they would remove a dot from the bunter. Supposedly up to 5 changes of raw material during a month could be indicated. That is my understanding. Casings that do not have the 4 segmented lines, the dots can be lined up on one side of the factory symbol.



Sksvlad, it is not an “U”, it is an old style “N” from a Company H. Huck in Nürnberg


Thank you both. Obviously my reading of Fractur requires improvements.


Vlad: Bear in mind that the N is seen upside down as presented here. That does make it look more like an N. Jack


Now it looks like “n”


Yep, that’s the way to show this head stamp. -:)