7,9x57 dummy unknown

On an other website, I saw this 7,9x57 german dummy of 1909, I have never saw this kind of dummy with this unusual groove on the bullet befor, and I believe it is a manufacture’s defect or something happened while chambering it in the wrong weapon…
Let me know your thoughs about it, please.

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Laurent, I think it is an extremely used cartridge.

The next level.

What kind of use and abuse would create such a uniform groove in that portion of the cartridge? It looks too precise to be wear.

I read some ware; they used the Ex. cartridge to strip the rifle

Thank you for your answers, finally I bought it and will share better picture as soon as I’ll receive it.

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Well, the Cartridge is in my hands, after a longer, but soft cleaning, the one piece case is in brass and is really worn and show a crack at the shoulder between the neck and the bullet due to the very worn brass. the groove on the bullet is enough regular all around the bullet
and could be due to a bad manufacture process I guess…
Here is the bullet in second place between others one piece brass case, this one clearly lighter of nearly 1 gram than the others.

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