7.9x57 Ex Red Plastic Marked "MAUSER"

Since I’m not having much luck with my 9mm P08 plastic Exercise question, I’ll try one in 7.9.

The round below turned up in a small collection of 7.9 dummy rounds. I just recently noted that on the side of this round is the Mauser logo. As you can see below the logo is a bit incomplete on the bottom which tells me that it was stamped in after the round was made. Clearly this wouldn’t have been done for an exercise round that would be used as such so it was likely an advertising or promotional piece. The lost likely source of this would be someone like Sam Cummings who ran Interarms who may have had a bunch of red plastic rounds stamped to pass out with his rifles or as promotional handouts. This is all speculation on my part.

Here is the round and a closeup of the marking:

This round is strange also because of the finish on the steel head which almost looks brass (on right below) or a lacquer on the head. It is a distinctly different color from another dnb round from the same date (on left below),

I assume the 7.9 guys out there have seen these and probably know the story. Please share it…

Do these stamps occur only on dnb 41 rounds or on assorted headstamps??


Hi Lew,

Nice looking round except for the Mauser logo.
Never see this logo on a Dummy round.
To my opinion add to the cartridge at much later date as is the round. Maybe for $$ or what you mention before like Interarms.
Why would Mauser used a cartridge to promote their company in 41 with a cartridge
that has nothing to do with the Mauser company.
The Finish looks ok to me. I saw them in white to black.



Could have been for $$, but not recently. These came from an old time 9mm collector in the US who just accumulated 7.9 dummies as an aside, and who hasn’t been active in collecting for well over 30 years. He gave me the collection of about 150+ rds from everywhere, so he apparently didn’t feel like there were any treasurers among them.

I will try to get in touch with him and see if he remembers the source.

I agree that it is EXTREMELY likely that the MAUSER was added after WWII. I only noticed it after your email.


There are currently Italian 9mm SMG 10 round chargers being sold on the internet stamped with a Mauser ‘banner’ marking. As these chargers come as standard with a blued spring the sales patter includes mention that they came with “presentation cased pistols”.

I’d have liked one for my ‘fakes and forgeries’ baggy, but at $50US plus shipping I could think of lots of other things to do with the money … and buying only encourages the reptiles !



I had some original German stripper clips for the C96 but
all sold a time ago.