7,9x57 Exercise cartridges (other than German)

Sorting through boxes I got diverted by finding a zip-lock bag marked 7,92 Exercise (other countries), it contained cartridges either made by, or made for, the following countries;

Belgium [ FN 34 ]
Britain [ none ]
Britain (Export) [ K57 2Z ]
Denmark [ K5 o 43 G IIZ ]
East Germany [ HHW ST+ 17 44 ]
Ecuador [ 7,92 A 1954 A ]
Italy [ BPD 953 ]
Poland [ none ]
Portugal [ FCPQ 1 39 ]
Spain [ FNP 7,92 946 }
Yugoslavia [ 11 * 55 * ]

Offhand I can think of several other countries that made use of the calibre, Norway, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Romania, Israel, China, Japan … did they also produce exercise cartridges, and if so, can anyone show pictures so I know what I’m looking for ?

Happy collecting !


Here is a Norwegian 7,92x57 exercise on the right hand.
The headstamp is “R. A.” over “1948”.
4 grooves that start at the shoulder.


Dummy (Inert) cartridges are made for other purposes besides training a soldier how to load a weapon and how to manipulate the action, so it would be very difficult, without box labels or some other knowledge or documentation, to separate dummy rounds made for trade shows, displays, class-room instructions, etc., from true drill rounds (exerzierpatronen).

To complicate matters, many countries made more than one pattern of drill round in any given case-type/caliber over the years. There are many different types, for example, from Germany, perhaps the most prolific producer of this case type of ammunition, dummy or otherwise.

John Moss

Czechoslovakian 7,92x57 Dummy

I have several of the British 7.9x57 BESA rounds that were converted to drill rounds by the Danish (K2 43 GIIz, K2 44 WIIz, K5 43 IIz and K5 44 IIz). The Danish stamped the O on the head and also machined the three concentric grooves:

I’ve also got a clip of five British D mark III drill rounds, made by Kynoch in 1953. Again, these are for the 7.9x57 BESA:

Picked one of these red fluted ones as well only it had a head stamp of R up arrow L VI and was in .303 British caliber. Tom

Various GDR dummys.

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Norwegian exercise cartridge, made of used German cases with various hs.

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China, blind pr pocket; swastica 5 23 B
Yugo, red plast pr + case holes; nny 1962
UK, nk case; K44 UII
Yugo, alum SR bullet small case and pr holes; nny 1988
DDR, alum bullet, fluted cws WWII case; P25 IVa1 19 38
Israel, blind pr pocket, 2 caes holes; Hebrew MYT * 53 *
Spain, chromed, black rubber pr; T 58 7.9
UK, chromed; P.H 44 U.II
Argentina, chromed + fluted case; 7,92 A 1954 A
Spain, chromed, red rubber pr; PS 1952
Yugo, red plastic in case holes; 59 (at 6:00)

*Plus a few other werkzeugs and possibles, as described by Senor Moss.

Some Canadian rounds…



Few 7,92x57 dummys.

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Wish I could have a set just like this one! Thanks for posting the photo! Tom

Rob, great selection! Thanks for sharing.

Number 14 (Belgien) is a German dummy made by Heym.



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Thank you for the manufacturer of the “Belgian”. ;)
I corrected it.

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