7,9x57 Exerzier Patrone with headstamp HN


Here is a picture with Gilding metal clad steel German Dummy made in 1916. I have some question regarding it’s headstamp:

  • First question concern the manufacurer code HN. My available sources give me a simplified identification of this manufacturer - Huck, Nürnberg. But, in time of WWI there was two “Huck’s” companies in Nürnberg:
  • Heinrich Huck (or H. Huck) Metallwarenfabrik
  • Johann Adam Huck (or J.A. Huck) Metallwarenfabrik
    Both firms was still existed in WWII.
    So, the question is - which of these two Huck companies made this cartridge?
  • And the second question is: what is a meaning of “S” headstamp on 3 o’clock? S-Patrone?


Von der Patrone 88 zur Patrone S. Development of the German Rifle – Caliber-Cartridge 7,9 has this to say about your dummy:

On 14 January, 1916 the Prussian war Ministry ordered training ammunition to be based on steel cases exclusively.
The earliest known steel case dummy cartridge, identical in construction with the S dot dummy was made by H. Huck, Nürnberg, in July of 1916. Its surface was copper-washed (Fig. Ex 9). It did not reach the series production level, probably because of the high cost. The simpler, mass produced, version consists of an inferior steel case, into which a hollow and longitudinally cannelured bullet jacket is soldered, and a blind primer (Fig. Ex 10). The version for machine guns has a round-nosed bullet jacket fig. Ex 11).”

Here is a picture of the example that I have:


Thank you, very much, pbutler!