7,9x57 "FN 40" tracer

Which code designation did Germans give to FN during occupation? I assume this one is made before German takeover.
This red paint is amazing. I found it in a 25 cent bin at a gun show, with all the moving and rubbing against each other. German tracers in the same bin had the black tip totally faded, but this one is as bright as in 1940.

Before takeover or formal export to other countries than “brothers in arms” (sanctioned by Germany).
But the 7.9 experts may know better.

FN code for the German military was “ch”.

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Could be Portugal…They had FN BMGs for Aircraft.
Also Baltic Countries ( along with .303 FN 40 as well.


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I went to a WWII commemoration where one of the Polish re-enactors told me a story of FN not fulfilling their contractual obligation to supply Polish Army with BMG guns right before the war started. Is that true?
Sorry, I think he has said “BAR”, not “BMG”.

This would have been “days” before the Soviet occupation then.

I Have 2 of these the same but the collors are green and the years are 1939+1940
are these incendiaries ??/Advise

Nice dates sherryl. I only have FN 52 blue tip Incendiary.

The subject was 7.9x57 Tracer . My round is .303 .

Sherryl, your green tipped cartridges are armour piercing. Green was used for AP up until 1940 after which the colour code changed to black

Thanks Jim
The pic is precicely the same as of the ones I have thanks for the info I always
wondered about these,someone once told me they were made for Rumania
I have others but they are post war beginning of the 1950 that FN stamp is
a bugger it tels you little or nothing unless you start digging

Made before 10th of May, the start of the hostilities (second ww) ; typically stamping like on our 7,65 Belgian Mauser i 've seen from the year 1940…