7.9x57 German Boxes with an X stamped Label

Would anyone know what the X stamped on the label means on these boxes.
They are located in St Petersburg (Leningrad) Russia.
Left behind when the owner had to make a dash for home.
My guess is they have been stamped by a Russian armourer with the X to signify they are past their use by dates.
Interested to hear any thoughts.

If my memory is right these were not altered by a Russian armourer but by a company named Tekhkrim which is refurbishing (or converting to blank) captured German WW2 ammo and selling it commercially.
These boxes should have new labels on the side.

What you describe as an “X” marking is just crossed out.

Maybe just a counting system?

No, this is to make the markings invalid.

I think this ammo was repacked during the ww2. And the label was marked by the cross because the headstamps. - producer serial number lot was not the same as on the box. There can be different cardidges. (different powder bullet serie. ) If I am mistaken sorry and thanks for any other opinion. :-)

Do you mean repacked by a factory or an individual ?
Item in the package not what on the label ?

Pavel, if it was a repack it had new labeling on stating exactly this.

AmmoOne, as Tekhkrim is a commercial company and they were refurbishing and reworking cartridges into blanks I think the situ is self explaining.

We just would need to see the sides of those boxes in question.

When the boxes arrive I’ll have a look for any other labels or stampings and post what I find here.

I don’t know who exactly repacked it but if you open the box the cardidge lot is never the same.as on the label. I think it was repacked during ww2 in cardidges factories or by some gunsmiths. These simply took some cardidges of same type and used a box and have there the cross as info that the label does not fit to cardidges inside But I am not sure maybe some German collector of 7,92x57 could help us. Sorry for my late answer. Pavel

Thanks Pavel, I tend to agree although I have no evidence. Other than knowing many things happen during a long drawn out war that aren’t always in keeping with the regulations of the day.
Although EOD mentions a Russian company post war repacking the boxes also. I’ll have them in my possession soon I hope and will have a closer look for any other marks or labels.
As a matter of interest I have a box in my collection that has been re labelled over the original label to describe the replacement cartridges within the box. Unfortunately the box was empty when I acquired it so I have no real way of knowing what was in that box.
It must’ve been a pretty labourious task repacking cartridge boxes.
Regards Peter

Not repacking but completely reworking the ammo.
It was done in the past 3 years.

EOD, Can you shed more light on the subject ?
You mentioned in an earlier post the cartridges were converted to blanks.
Do you know for what purpose these blanks were made ?

These were commercially sold blanks. The purpose is as desired I guess.
Given it happened in Russia then sure for reenactors.

I finally have the boxes in my possession. I’ve had a good look at each box and there are no other stickers or markings on the box other than the German markings.
It is a distant possibility that the boxes may have had the Techrim stickers and the seller has removed them but there is absolutely no evidence of that on the boxes so I’m 90% happy to discount that idea.
I have quoted Ole from a different thread below which shows the Techrim boxes as EOD has described.
The question remains who put the X or cross on the top of the packets ?

I think we never will find out who applied the crosses.