7,9x57 German charger "P327 40" with tracer rounds

This is one of those $1 items I pick of gun show tables. Someone very crudely deactivated these cartridges by wobbling projectiles with pliers. Is this a red tracer?


I think what you are seeing is the (plastic?) sealing disc to protect the tracer element from moisture.

Probably need the box label to know what color tracer was loaded into that case.

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I think AKMS is right. The sealing disk was made of Mipolam which is a German trade name for a group of PVC based synthetic products.

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So all tracers have a red plastic disc regardless of what kind of tracer it is?

No, you can find the disk different colours.
“cg” did not made any tracers.
Cases were shipped to make SmK Lsp, normally to “cdo”
This plant, Theodor Bergmann & co K.G., Plant Velten , made all components but no cases.
In this case, some bullet parts came from “cdp” Theodor Bergmann & co K.G., Plant Bernau.

This is the box label belonging to your cartridges,
It was an orange tracer.


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