7.9x57 Headstamp database in IAA Reference section

I would like to hear from other members regarding whether there is any interest for the inclusion of a very concise and complete list of most 7.9x57 German headstamp codes.
The list contains the headstamp code maker numbers manufactured, types of cartridges made with particular lot numbers and years of manufacture.
This list/database is authored by one of our members who is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on German 7.9x57 cartridge.
The author has compiled this list and database over years of research and has personally contributed to the reference material of a number of books authored by other writers on the subject already published and in use worldwide.
I have had discussions with the author and he is more than willing to have this list/database included for all to use.

I for one would love to have access to this wealth of information.

Keen to hear other members thoughts and of course the moderators thoughts as well.

Stay safe in these difficult times


I’m always interested in more data, especially on 7,9. I have books both from here and Germany on the subject, would always like to see more. Now I’m wondering who this author is that you speak of… I have a guess but I’ll keep it to myself for now lol

I guess some of you will know the author of the list/database as a member here on the forum as Dutch. Like yourself Henry I have a number of great books on 7.9x57, notably by D Kent and my favourite trio by Geremy Chubbuck.
The books are my go to for most identification of a type of cartridge but Dutch’s list just adds that definite touch of what types were produced within which lots and years.
Hoping we can get the list included in the reference section.

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Any real good references are invaluable and should be in the database

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Maybe Dutch should simply ask to the directors of the IAA whether they are interested in publication of his materials? And maybe it is not as simple as that? I do not doubt: he is the 7.9 Oracle and his achievement should be preserved. The IAA database looks to me an appropriate place for that.


Sounds like a great idea. Has any of this come to fruition? I find lot numbers are a major asset to help verify cartridge type. I used to use the scarlet (k98) website from Belgium but it is now gone and with it a world of information. Dutch’s references would be very welcome.

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Not yet that I know of, but hopefully Aaron and Dutch will be moving forward on this and we will see the list in the reference section soon.