7.9x57 Identification

I have a bandolier filled with these cartridges in the brass clips.
Who can identify the maker and country please? The 5 looks like an overstamp.

This is a Turkish one made in 1950.

My understanding is that TC indicates Turkiye Cumhuriyeti (Turkish Republic) and FS is Fişek Sirket, which translates to cartridge company. This round was made in the Government owned factory.

Thanks for that. The symbol between the T and C and the FS confused me.

Ron, the symbol is the half moon with a star. Just the bunter was of low quality.

Source: internet:

This ammo was imported in huge quantities in mid 1990’s. It was real cheap. If my RAM memory is still good, a 1440 round battle case was about $60+ in US.