7.9x57 M88 Manufacturer

I have this cartridge which I have thought was manufactured by Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Geislingen/Steige
However a little more research has made me unsure if in fact this cartridge may have been manufactured by
Gustav Genschow & Company, Durlach, Germany.
Can anyone shed some light on this headstamp ?

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That is absolutely a Genschow, Durlach headstamp. It is fairly common in 9 x 19 mm Para.
In 9 mm, the headstamp # Ge # D also appears (the “#” is typed here in lieu of month and year) and is a later version of the Gustav Genschow headstamp.

John Moss

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John is right, from the History of Genschow it is known that they manufactured a lot of Patrone 88 during WW1.
In my view it really is a pity and a very big mistake on the part of IAA that Dutch’s offer of transferring his really unique, outstandingly valuable collection of 7.9 mm headstamp information (Excel files, one per manufacturer code) to IAA so far did not meet with any interest.
If you had that information available, you would immediately see that your cartridge can only be from Genschow Durlach and not WMF, because WMF used only a single G for Geislingen.


Thanks both JohnMoss and JPeelen for the confirmation on this G D headstamp.
I for one would be most grateful to receive a copy of Dutch’s headstamp list.
Perhaps IAA administrators could request a copy from Dutch to be added to the reference section.

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