7,9x57 "P IVa1 47 38" Alu core

This was advertised as “aluminum core”, both projectile and body are highly magnetic. Is it really what the description says? How to know about the core?


The bullet has a plated iron jacket.
To be sure to know what it is, you must weight the round.

With an aluminium core it is about 300 grains.
The “Body” is a CWS case


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Thanks, shall weigh at work tomorrow.

It does not happened often, but by investigating the box lot number to the case lot numbers from 1938 I discovered that this was happening inside this box.

Normally I inspect cases in boxes each 6 months, so this must be happening between July and now.
The Moschwig powder lot; 21th of 1938 Polte used to load these rounds must be very bad.



Wow, never saw it like that. When I see such a thing, I pull the powder out, much rather have an empty cartridge than no cartridge at all. Sorry for those rounds.

I weighed 2 rounds, they came at 19.43 grammes (299.85 grains) and 19.45 grammes (300.16 grains).

Means they are lS cartridges with an Alu core and CWS case.


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In my experience these light 5 g bullets are close to impossible to pull with a kinetic bullet puller and a colllet type puller (in a loading press) will damage them.
To get intact lS bullets for shooting tests, I had to use a tube cutter on the steel case and push out the bullet from the rear.

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In the early 1990s my one original box of the light ball rotted, so I pulled the bullets and reloaded ten of them. I don’t recall any problem and at that time had access to an inertia puller and the collet type. My reloads were interesting: I just loaded the aluminum cored bullets in Yugoslav heavy ball cases, leaving powder in place and merely replacing bullets. The fireworks were remarkable, both by memory and in my shooting notes. Brilliant muzzle flash and muzzle blast without parallel, at least in my experience. Ten rounds was plenty. Jack

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