7.9x57 P249 (inert)

Headstamp: P 249 (Finower Industriewerk G.m.b.H, Finow), 1940 IVg1
Red annulus
Brass wash steel case (strongly magnetic).
Strongly magnetic bullet with no colour markings……slightly visible steel tip with copper or, Tombak coating.

Would appreciate help with the meaning of: IVg1?
Does the V indicate; ‘high velocity?’
Any other comments?



You have a P249 IV g 1 CWS SmK

Case was made by P249; Finower Industrie G.m.b.H., Finow/Mark, 3th lot of 1940
Steel from the case came from IV; Eisen und Hüttenwerke, Bochum
Copper plating was done by “g”; Hirsch Kupfer und Messingwerke, Werk Finnow/Mark
The steel mix is “1” ; C 0,19 - 0,24 %,Cu 0,25, Mn 0,6%, Si 0,12%, P 0,03%, S 0,035%
The case is copper washed steel, not brass washed.
A red annulus means you have a SmK (Spitz mit Kern) hard core.


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Amazing detail…greatly appreciated.