7.9X57 Polish Mint Metal Supplier Mark


THIS 7.9X57 POLISH CARTRIDGE HAS AN UNUSUAL CHARACTER( arrow ?) ON THE HEADSTAMP. Does anyone know what it means ? Does anyone have extras to sell or trade ?

photo-John Moss collection


Greek ???
It’s a kind of knight’s coat of arms Kosciesza used as sign of State Mint.


Yes, but it’s only SIMILAR to pre-1939 Polish State Mint signature and according to Jarek Cieminski and Grzegorz Franczyk it was PROBABLY not big batch of such ammo with brass delivered by the Mint, after cancelling a portion of damaged coins. Probably, because there are any proofs for it and the headstamp is a little different. Actually, it’s only conjecture.
Very rare and desirable brass, also among Polish collectors.

Here you are comperative evidence with the mint signature on the medal:



Where is this mark shown on the site noted? I don’t see it.


Below a chin of Marshall Pilusdki, above “S” letter is the mint sign.


Better sample from Polish coin:


Looks good. Thank you.


Great shot of the coin. The symbol on the coin is, of course, identical to that on the cartridge headstamp. Looks like it is not “EK” as we conjectured, but rather case metal supplied by the Polish Mint. Is there any history, or explanation, of the mark representing the mint? Is it possible to obtain one of those coins?


Kościesza - is a Polish Coat of Arms. It was used by several szlachta families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


But gentelmen, please take note of both headstamps. There is a little difference. On the cartridge headstamp, there is half of crossbeam, if I see well.


xyxy - yes, on the heraldic shields, the symbol is somewhat different than it appears on the headstamp of the 7.9 cartridge, but the mark on the Polish coin is identical to that on the cartridge headstamp!


In my opinion, not the same, but maybe I disregard the whole crossbeam, perpendicular to the arrow on your photo. Anyway, it’s the only theory about its origin.


xyxy - I think you are being fooled by the fact that in the photo anyway, the heraldic mark is raised on the coin and on the cartridge, it is impressed. I am looking at the fact that both on the coin and on the cartridge, the shaft of the “arrow” is short, so that the tips of the base of the lines forming the point of the arrow, and the point of the lines forming the feathers of the arrow, both touch the bar that crossess the shaft. (On the headstamp, the cross bar, being impressed, is not so prominant and clear as it is on the coin). On the other drawings and pictures of the entire Heraldic Shields, the shaft of the arrow is somewhat longer, and nothing touches each other. On those, there is no mistaking that the symbol appears to represent an arrow with a line through it, while that mark on the coin and the cartridge, if read oriented upside down on the cartridge, could be a Greek-form of the letters “EK.” On the Shields, it is clear that they are not. To my eye, the marks on the coin and on the cartridge are, again, identical, while the marks on the Heraldic shields are not identical. I would love to find one of those coins with that mark!


The “half shaft” means something in the Polish heraldry. If you look at their various coats of arms you will see it in various use on crosses,arrows,etc. This mark is a “full shaft” but appears otherwise on the shell due to the intersection of the crimp. There are others in Polish collections. Are they full or half shaft ?


Thank you for showing this wunderful head stamp.



One more good sample. It’s a pre 1939 Polish military buckle from the full dress ( I’m not sure how to say, is it correct?) uniform.
“Mennica Panstwowa” means State Mint and the headstamp and eagle you already know.
John: I’m not knowledgeable about numismatics, but I will ask what is the price of those coin.

Edit: Te price of some silver Polish zlotys with mint headstamp amounts between c.a. 15 - 50 $ depending on the condition and of kind of coin ( figure drawing on the coin, 5 zloty, 10 zloty etc.)


Great photo, and important to the headstamp, since we can now see precisely the correct orientation of the mark - it is upside down on the headstamp to the loading factory mark, as many of the Polish metal supplier marks are on other headstamps. Thanks xyxy!


John: I didn’t make it in time, look for my above, edited post.


[quote=“gregory”]Greek ???
It’s a kind of knight’s coat of arms Kosciesza used as sign of State Mint.


This version is what I am calling the “half shaft”. The cross bar goes only to the arrow shaft and not through. The headstamp and mintmark version has a “full shaft” going through the arrow. I see this on other Polish coats of arms. Does anyone know what it means AND do all the known Polish specimens ,in Polish collections, have the “full shaft” mark ?