7.9x57 Puzzle. (Edit: Found to be 7.7 Japanese Rimless, Arisaka Type 99)

The following is an inerted 7.9x57 :

The case is non magnetic and appears to be copper washed brass (however; there appears to be little, if any, copper green verdigris, that might confirm a copper wash).
The projectile feels heavy but is non magnetic (also might have been; ‘washed’).

There appears to be a; ‘red lacquer,’ ring around the joint of the projectile and case. Could this indicate a Tropical (Trop.) cartridge?
Alternatively; is the red lacquer ring indicating an origin in Spain, or China?
The primer crimp appears to be different from a typical 7.9x57 crimp. Is this crimp style typical of a particular country, or a particular manufacturer?
Might this crimp indicate an over-pressure test cartridge?
There is no annulus color, or additional stab crimps.
Additionally; no headstamp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The primer crimp looks Japanese to me.

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Re-do your measurements, or stand your round next to a 100% ID’d 7.92x57. Yours does look more like a Japanese 7.7x58 round.

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I think the round is just corroded in some particular environment of chemicals, moisture, acid or what so ever.

Comparison cartridges from Left to Right:

Headstamps of comparison cartridges:

Unknown…BPD 953…P S* 45 37…P28 S* 11 39

Comparison made on a horizontal window sill.
Measurements mm:

Projectile: 7.84
Case Length: 57.89
Rim: 12.00
Tot. Length: 78.05
Base Diam: 11.95

I would say Japanese 7.7x58 round also.

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Have found it now on Municion as the: 7.7 Japanese Rimless or 7.7 Arisaka Type 99.

I have quite a few 7.9x57’s in my small collection, but; not a single 7.7 Japanese Rimless.

Many thanks indeed…greatly appreciated.


Don’t feel bad. I got burnt on this one before. As you can see, the Japanese primer crimp is very characteristic.