7.9x57 S.m.K.H. ammo pic?

Does anyone have an illustration of a sectioned 7.9x57 tungsten-cored AP round or bullet? It’s for a Japanese friend who is writing an article on the PzKwpf 1 for local publication. I understand that the MG 13’s in this tank were the main users of the S.m.K.H.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Tony,

The headstamp is S* 31 35 P186. The primer was coloured red.



Thanks Paul!

Didn’t some of them have an odd-shaped core, with the back narrower than the front?

Hi Tony,

No, that is the PmK (phosfor mit kern = phosphorus with core) API load that you are thinking of. It acts as a smoke incendiary tracer as there is a small weep hole sealed with a low melting point solder (the small imperfection on the lower part of the jacket near the tail of the core) that allows the phosphorus to come in contact with air and produce a trail of smoke.


Thanks again!