7,9x57 "SDA. M.88/8 R."

Who is SDA?
DSCF8972 scan0164

My guess is Sömmerda (for RMS)

we had ones in Germany an Agreement of ammo-makers that only the makers place was mentioned in the headstamp (as they where united in the Munitionsverband ?) (like K for Karlsruhe (DWM), D for Durlach (Geco), L for Linden (Egestorf) and Su for Suhl (B. Stahl) N for Nuernberg (Utendoerffer) and others…

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WBD post this in June 2016.
“Note that the Sömmerda factory appears to have used the “SDA.” abbreviation on headstamps rather than “So” and no examples of “So” in a hs have been encountered.”



This is the first time that I have seen this hs on 8x57 JR (M2) and I know of only three other “SDA.” case types :

5.6x35R Vierling (T69)
8x57R/360 (EXP19)
8.15x46R (GSP7)

A rare find and thanks for sharing it !

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