7.9×57mm cartridge made in Hanyang Arsenal,1937


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“二六”is meaning 民国 26,1911+26=1937,it’s made in 1937,and this is the headstamp picture of Hanyang Arsenal 7.9mm cartridges.I hope it will be helpful.


DFZ, this is a great assembly of data. Thanks a lot!

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DFZ - Do you have a similar Table of Photos for Hanyang Arsenal 7.63 x 25 mm Mauser cartridges? Or, any pistol cartridges, like .45 M1911 (ACP, Auto) caliber?

John Moss

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Mr.John—Sorry,I haven’t got the Hanyang Arsenal 7.63mm cartridge,I still remember its headstamp is like a handwritten Chinese character"阳",which was produced earlier.
It’s usually appear on some online second-hand market.But most of these 7.63mm cartridge are severe corroded and even brittle. This makes me give up the idea of ​​buying them. In China,a brand-new 7.63mm cartridge case is very rare.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. The Chinese 7.63 x 25 mm rounds (Not the T-51 “Tokarev” cartridge) are not ultra rare in the USA, but they are exactly common either.

I have one cartridge I believe to be from Hanyang Arsenal. The headstamp is H * 7 24 (the numbers “7” and “24” are in the Chinese character form, which I cannot reproduce here.

I have another cartridge with headstamp * ?? * 26.1 with the same cartridge characteristics. The “??” that I typed represent a rather complex Chinese character at the 12 o’clock position on the cartridge head which, again, I cannot reproduce on my computer. I don’t know what that character translates to in English.

I do not actually collect dates, but was so taken with your wonderful depiction of Hangyan 7.9 x 57 mm headstamps, I thought I would just ask about the 7.63 Mauser cartridge.

Again, thank you for the one on 7.9 mm and for your reply to me on the 7.63 mm.


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