7.9x57mm Exerzierpatrone (Exercise Dummy Cartridge), 1916 And Other Exerciserpatrone

Pictured below is my first WW1 German exerciserpatrone, courtesy of Gary Muckel at the KCCA show last month.

This type was adopted by Germany in 1916 and consists of a steel cartridge case into which a hollow steel bullet jacket is soldered and the cartridge is copper-washed The case and bullet each have 6 longitudinally flutes to assist in identifying it as a dummy round.


Below is a scan of a page from Frank Wheeler’s cartridge column in Gun Report (April, 1966) with an interesting set of detailed drawings showing some of the dummy cartridges in the progression of 7.9 exerciserpatrone development through time, drawings by CharlesNe:

Cartridge shown in drawing #3 was made by H. Huck, Nurnberg (1916) and is the earliest form of the all steel dummy cartridge which was soon replaced by the cartridge shown in drawing #4 (information from Von der Patrone 88 zur Patrone S, Windisch, Kellner, Micke & Platzer; 2008).

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Brian, what is the LFHP?
I do not recall ever having seen this hs.


Good question!

I’ve looked in Cartridge Headstamp Guide with no luck and I’ve looked elsewhere with no luck.

Hopefully someone will respond with the answer.


Brian, I think these are the known WW1 German Ex. rounds.



Interesting that the drawing is dated 09/46, the same date at the headstamp on the “LFHP” dummy, quick work !


Peter, there might be a misperception - maybe on my side now, but to what I understand the assembly of dummy cartridges was created in 1966 (see top right).

The 9-46 seems to be the reproduced headstamp no?

You’re right … I was shooting for from the hip.

Whoops !

I Believe it’s a spanish dummy Cartridge and there is an error LFHP is in fact FNP

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