7.9x57mm with “T. N. 1938” headstamp


Does anyone have a 7.9x57mm cartridge with a “T. N. 1938” headstamp? I think that is what this round is but I don’t have another to verify it with.


I am just guessing, is it “Toledo Nacional”?


I have never heard of a “Toledo Nacional”. There are cartridges from the SCW headstamped "T. N. 5 1937), where T. N. 5 means Taller Número 5 (workshop number 5).


Hello, the initials T.N. correspond to TALLERES NOTARIO, of Barcelona. One of the industries under the control of the COMMISSION OF INDUSTRIES OF WAR OF CATALONIA.


The information I have for the initials T.N. is in agreement with ximo. What I really wanted to know are T.N. the initials for the shown headstamp? The first letter is so lightly struck it is hard to determine what it is. I thought maybe someone could compare their example with mine and verify if mine is in fact a T.N. or not.


Here I accompany an pìcture of three cartridges “T.N. 1938”. Common the bad quality of the marking.


Thank you so much for posting the picture of the “T. N. 1938” headstamps. That is just what I wanted to see. It verifies that the initials in my headstamp are in fact T.N. I really appreciate your time and effort.