7.9x60 Swedish Box


This is a request from Jean Renard, Manager of the ECDV (ECRA Caliber Data Viewer) system.

He would like to know if anyone can tell him what was in this Swedish box. Photographs of the content would be appreciated.

Please help if you can.

Chris P.

Edited to correct origin of box.


It is Swedish!
And i would guess it’s the midwar German 8x60 round


A hint of information-


Yes, I appreciate that the box is Swedish - I just translated the request without looking closer …duhh?

Photographs of the contents would be appreciated.


My box contains this cartridge:

NORMA%208x60%20patr NORMA%208x60%20hst

Exact dating is uncertain, but the label is printed in October 1948 (10 48 lower left on label).



Listed by Norma in catalogs/brochures from 1948-1956 - not in 1960.

8x60S was listed from 1954 - 1967.


After WW1, calibers (I use modern civilian designations to reduce confusion) 8 x 57 I and 8 x 57 IS – the latter being the military 7.9 mm – were considered “war material”. Ownership of rifles as well as ammunition was banned. The rimmed versions were not banned, by the way.
As a way to legalize existing weapons, cartridges 8 x 60 and 8 x 60 S were created around 1923. By reaming the chamber to the new length, an illegal “war” rifle could be turned into a legal sporter rifle.

Please note that the “S” identifier was introduced in Germany as late as 1939 to tell the 8.2 mm bullet cartridges (S) from the 8.1 mm bullet versions (no S).


This variation has the same label and almost the same contents (CNCS jackets) as Morton’s
In tiny print he bottom states " Nr 651 1000. 11, 47 ARVIKA NYTHETERS TR. "
So I would assume taking the lead from Morton this is dated Nov. 1947.
The box has been opened but is still full.


The first 7.9 mm cartridges I ever saw were contained in a Norma box like this one as I remember, a ten round box my father bought about 1948-50. In those years finding ammo for 7.9 mm rifles on the shelves of American gun stores was close to impossible. Jack


is it possible to measure bullet diameter in the box you show? It would be most interesting to know if they are 8.1 mm or 8.2 mm.


8.05mm / .316 inches


Jochem, Norma 8x60S were headstamped “NORMA Re / 8x60S /” and both 8x60 and 8x60S were listed by Norma 1954-1956.


Pete, Brad,
thank you very much.


Morten et al,

A “grand merci” from Jean for the pictures of the contents and the information.

Chris P.