7 mm / 320 rimfire box

An early box!


Great box !

Really outstandind early box,at first glance the ctg looked to be inside primed to me,but the box says it is rimfire,lets wait someone has a cutaway of it to confirm…

Hi Eric.
No question at all that they are rimfire. Fusnot produced a number of different rimfires with the same or similar headstamps. I have 2 different ones and know of at least one more calibre. Currently, I do not have access to my collection to see if this is another. Wonderful to see a box finally.


Thanks Will,
Actually never came across any Fusnot ctg and never saw a box,so no doubt it is a wonderfull find.

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Hi Eric.
There was a thread about this a few years ago. Perhaps is you put Fusnot into the search, you will find it.

Another one, from Gaupillat… no hst.

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Another rare survivor.
The cases seem brass,most old ones I saw were copper cased.-

Hi Eric and Jeffcy67.
Fusnot, Gaupillat, Stahl, Braun& Bloem and others made brass rimfire at different time as well as copper cased ones.

In this part of the planet have only run into one described to me as a 7,5 mm Swiss revolver ctg and brass case no h.s,possibly brought in by an early Swiss settler .scarce anyway.
relatvely common were the Swiss revolvers and their Belgian clones.


Recently saw this box for 7,5 stahl revolver.

From a nitpicker…:slight_smile:
The name of the company is STAHEL…not Stahl

Peter, is this a different company?

And another, Gunbroker picture.
And a 6x29R I have, that looks similar to the 7.5 on the box Gary pictured.
6x29R hs 6x29R profile

Thanks, Dan

Dan, Stahel Jakob is a Swiss ammo maker, nothing to do with Stahl, and 7.5 is different than these 7 mm rimfire for Gary! Save the stahel boxes for my return to slics when possible…

I have never seen anything marked Stahel, only Stahl.
Thanks for that! …On second thought, I’ve seen a 9.5 brass ppl rimfire with rsd St. that is by Stahel. Just never seen a box with Stahel on it!
Thanks Dutch! Now I have.

Dan, Just for Information.
If somebody think I hijacked this thread, I will delete it.




Nice box Can you tell me please what the headstamp reads as i can’t make it out.

Fusnot Bruxelles
Good day

A couple more the 9mm is just the box top.

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