7 mm Cane Gun Cartridges?


Here are two different rounds that came in. They appear to match the ones on Pg. 43 of Logan’s book. Both have what appear to be a reversed primer inserted into the base. One appears to be a projectile and the other appears to be a shot cartridge.


7x26mm Cane thin rim?

These are examples of the first Sarbacane cartridges which were patented in France as Patent No 105,058 of September 23, 1874 for Société Günther and Co.

The Günther design used a thick paper case of c7.2mm which had two inverted cups inserted in the base with one acting as the rim and priming material held between the cups. This type of ignition has been referred to as the “Inverted Primer”

These were loaded with ball (c26mm length case) or shot (c28mm case length) but cases varied in length considerably from one example to another.

There were also fireworks versions using a brass explosive tube inserted into the case and the case itself was also brass. Later the Shot cases were also produced in brass but by then they used the more reliable standard CF ignition using a two piece case.

There is a great article on these and other Sarbacane cartridges by A.Leveau in the IAA bulletin #454.