7 mm cci rimfire

can anyone tell me anything about the 7 mm cci rimfire?

The 7mm Taurus was supposed to have been for a proposed pistol ( Taurus ) for I believe Brazil but, for one reason or another, never got off the ground. M. Rea

I guess you mean this one. I still have one for sale but I am not in the US.

Hi Rene.

I suspect they made more than 240 round, and based on the number I have seen around and heard about, a significant number have gotten into the hands of collectors. So they were not all shot off as reported. Perhaps 240 were shot off? I have 2 fired cases with 2 different firing pin strikes. Perhaps one was the revolver, and one a test barrel? The source for both was Dave Andrews who was either working at CCI or had close contacts there at the time.



I acquired a few at SLICS 2012 and this is the paper that I got with them.
I collect 30-06 and have no clue about rimfires.


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Regarding the quantity made of the 7 mm CCI rimfire, the person who prepared that sheet on the cartridge shown on this thread was, at the time, an Engineer with the company and deeply involved in “special projects.” I would have to give credence to his assesment of the number of rounds made. “Most were fired in tests” is a statement open to interpretation. If 240 were made and 121 were fired in tests, than one could say “most were fired.” I have one of these rounds in my odds and ends, myself, along with a fired case for the Taurus (I gave my live round to the Argentine Cartridge’s Collectors for their museum-collection in B.A.). I don’t know if the number produced is shown, but if, say, 70 or 80 survived, that would be actually more than I would have expected considering the number I have seen and know about. Of course, admittedly, this is out of my field, so I may not have an accurate perception of the number floating around. My perception is, though, that it is very few.

John, a similar situation happened with the .40 Taurus. When this round showed up for the first time in our Association we thought it was a new caliber soon to be available in the commercial market in considerable quantities. Later we were told that the only surviving specimens found in the Taurus factory were not more than 50 and by that time we had about 40 in our hands! I don’t know how many more loaded rounds were found in the US (some of them also come from Argentina) but I think that most are fired cases.

Fede - I don’t know either how many loaded rounds survived. I was never able to replace the one I gave to Horacio Tomas for the AACAM collection. I finally was given a fired case by a good friend of mine. Don’t know what I save things like this, but I especially like CCI non-standard production rounds. I guess we all cheat a little on our intended cartridge-collecting goals.