7 mm Charola Box


Just wandering if this box is DWM, someone could help?
It has the DWM 501 inside so it could be DWM but want to confirm

image image image image

Thanks in advance

Daniel - it certainly is for the K DWM K 501 headstamped 7 mm Charola cartridges. I have the absolutely identical box, probably stamped with the same device that stamped your box. Mine is missing the corrugated cardboard spacer, if that is original. It could well be, since the box is a bit taller than the cartridges it is stamped as holding. That could be construed, also, as indicating the boxes themselves were not originally cartridge boxes for 7 mm Charola Ammo, but that only a guess.

The box itself is not typical of DWM at all. I think my box came out of South America. If so, it would have been from Uruguay or Argentina - I mine the country it was found in. It may represent a Spanish or South American repack of these cartridges, although that is pure conjecture on my part. Aside from the cartridges in both your and my boxes, there is nothing to say this box itself is from DWM; however, considering the cartridges, there is equally nothing to say it is NOT.

Regardless, I am happy to have one. Yours is only the second I have seen, but then you don’t see anything to do with the 7 mm Charola pistol very often.

Thanks for posting. It was great to see another of the identical box.

John Moss

Really thank you John, much appreciate your information

Best regards