7 mm Disc Primed Cartridge with Green Paper


Does anyone have a name for this particular cartridge?



This appears to be an example of the 7mm Gourdin Sarbacane - another early design.

Eugene Gourdin of Paris had patent No 105,494 of October 30, 1874 for “a system of blowpipe gun with self-contained mouth”.

The cartridges used in this weapon utilise a paper case and have a distinctive raised and cupped base which could be considered an early type of 'Disk Primed".

The Sarbacane article by A.Leveau in IAA #454 also covers this case type which was the second patented Sarbacane type.

They come in shot and ball loadings and the cases vary quite a lot in length 19-32mm.


WBD…thanks for the information. I’ll bookmark that journal and once uploaded, I’ll take a look. Thanks for your expertise!